Delivery times Christmas 2021

In order for your order to arrive by Christmas, we have specific delivery times that you should be aware of. We do our best to ship your order on time. We cannot be held responsible for late deliveries and delivery problems. All orders that arrive after this time will of course be processed. Here we simply can not guarantee that these will arrive in time, until 24.12.2020.



Shipping Switzerland

KLEA Charms until 17.12.2021

KLEA Horse until 10.12.2021

KLEA Dog Classic & Color Line until 30.11.2021

KLEA Dog Velvet until 15.12.2021

Accessories until 15.12.2021

KLEA Vouchers until 20.12.2021

International shipping

Delivery times depend on the country

Christmas vacation from 20 december 2021 to 3 january 2022

Orders placed during this period will not be processed until january 4 (longer delivery times).